Business Corporate Sales | South Dublin | BMW for Business


The car you drive speaks volumes about the company you work for. With a sheer presence that’s come to define the essence of driving, BMW embodies leadership, dynamism and cutting­edge performance – factors that are integral to modern business. BMW Corporate Sales at Murphy & Gunn introduces a new level of luxury in fleet management. Whatever the fleet demands of your company, BMW Corporate Sales offers a level of quality initiatives like no other.

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BMW Business Partnership Offers | How it works | South Dublin


If you manage a fleet of between 1 and 50 company cars, then Murphy & Gunn BMW Business Partnership has been specifically designed to meet your needs. This corporate programme is open to all business users in the SME sector including business operators who choose to take a car allowance from their employees.

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BMW CONTRACT HIRE | How Contract Hire works? | South Dublin


If you like the idea of hiring a new BMW rather than ultimately owning it, BMW Contract Hire could be the ideal solution for you. BMW Contract Hire allows you to drive the BMW you want without having to worry about depreciation or selling.BMW Contract Hire is a popular choice with our business customers because VAT registered businesses can reclaim up to 20% of the VAT on their rentals.

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BMW Personal Contract Plan (PCP Finance) - South Dublin | How PCP works?


BMW Select, our Personal Contract Purchase product, is our most popular car finance product for new cars. This is because of its key feature, which we call the Estimated Future Value (EFV).BMW Select can be a flexible alternative by deferring a proportion of the car’s total value until the end of the agreement as an optional final payment. This amount is the Estimated Future Value (EFV) and is the key to how BMW Select works.

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